The Saskatoon Berry Patch
Coming Soon: Saskatoon Berry Patch Jam!
Jim Dixon
Lots of weeding to do on a young berry patch.


Saskatoon Berries What are they?

The Saskatoon Berry is a plant native to North America. While gaining popularity in Canada, they are not well known in the United States. Perfect for growth in Northern climates and friendly to a variety of soil conditions, we at the Saskatoon Berry Patch of Michigan are looking to change that.

In the U.S. Saskatoon Berries are most commonly known as  service berries. Resembling a blue berry in color and size, they are also called prairie berries, June berries and Canadian berries. While 'berry' shows up in all of those names, the Saskatoon Berry is really a Pome fruit. This means it is more closely related to the apple than the blue berry. The Saskatoon Berry is blessed with a juicy flesh and core that does have a similar taste to a blue berry but with nutty overtones that make it unique.

Rich in antioxidants, Native Americans have been using the Saskatoon Berry for generations as a remedy for everything from snow-blindness to menstrual cramps. A super fruit waiting for it's moment in the modern spotlight, Saskatoon Berries are a delicious way to help maintain your health.

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It all has to start somewhere. Here Jim is getting the field ready for planting.
Erin - Granddaughters make great workers.
The patch across the road.
Sydney - Style is important when working in the fields.